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Energy – where it comes from, what we pay for it, how secure the supply is and the impact on the environment, are factors in sharp focus for consumers and investors alike. In their latest podcast, recorded at the end of April, Matthew Tillett and Joe Lynam discuss these factors in a global context, pondering how this might play out for investors in the sector.

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Ahead of the physical AGM in 2022, Portfolio Manager Matthew Tillett recorded an investment update for shareholders from the London office.

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Seeking out the best opportunities for growth and reliable dividends wherever they may be, The Brunner Investment Trust invests in companies all over the world. Brunner aims to provide investors with growth in capital and dividends over the long term. We measure the Trust’s performance against the benchmark index (70% FTSE World ex-UK Index and 30% FTSE All-Share Index). aic - dividend hero and aic - shareholder communication wards 2021 winner logos

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The Brunner Investment Trust PLC (Brunner) was formed from the Brunner family’s interest in the sale of Brunner Mond & Co, the largest of the four companies which came to form Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1926. Today, Brunner shares are available for everyone to buy and are widely held by both private and institutional investors.

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Click here for detailed information about the Trust’s portfolio and its past performance, including the most recent month-end commentary. Please remember that past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns.

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